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Bar Feed Dispensers
Protection, Kansas


Tired of carrying 5 gallon buckets of cubes out to the herd?   
Bar 6 Cake Feeders allow you to feed large quantities from the safety & comfort of your cab!

8 Models to choose from:

Model B           800# feed capacity 28"W x 65"L x 33"H
Model C         1200# feed capacity  30"W x 65"L x 37"H
(our best seller in the Flint Hills)
Model D          1800# feed capacity 40"W x 65"L x 45"H
Model E          2500# feed capacity 44"W x 65"L x 56"H
Model F          3200# feed capacity 50"W x 65"L x 60"H
Designed for Bale Beds:
Model G Special       1000# feed capacity 20"W x 77"L x 42"H
Model H Special       1600# feed capacity 30"W x 77"L x 42"H
Mini-Cuber                  250# & 450# 20”W x 45”L x 25H
Perfect for a two-person ATV or  small pickup 
Transcell T-5 or Salter-Brecknell Scales are available for the Cake Feeder!